Sunday, February 24, 2008

Offline blogging tool

I have been looking for a offline blogging tool for some time and found a couple that was OK but none of them had all the features I wanted. What I needed was a tool that:

  • I could write Blogger post with even when I was offline and easily publish these post when I got online again (no copy-pasting in the browser)
  • I could set a title, body and some tag/labels for my post
  • I could write a rich text post in

I finally found a tool that could do all that and from a surprising source: Microsoft. They have released the Microsoft Live Writer. What you can do with it all of the above and surprisingly on most major blogging platforms: Windows Live Spaces, SharePoint, Wordpress, Blogger and many others.

It was easy to set up, has spell checking, draft saving, multiple accounts and I could go on. So if your tired of not being able to blog when your not online or just tired of blogging in the browser check it out.

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