Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to make Google Instant the default search engine in Chrome (works outside the US)

Google have just launched their new Instant Search. This makes it possible to search in realtime. My problem was that I was living in Denmark (where the service is not rolled out) and that when I used the searchbar in Chrome it didn't use Google Instant, but the regular Danish Google Search page.

To enable the searchbar/addressbar to use Google Instant as the default search engine you need to do the following.
  • Open Chrome
  • Go to Settings --> Options
  • On the Basics tab select under "Default search" click the "Manage" button
  • Click "Add..."
  • In Name add "Google Instant"
  • In Keyword add "google"
  • In URL add ""
  • Click OK
  • Find Google Instant in the list (at the bottom) select it and click "Make default"
  • Click "Close"
  • Click "Close"
You're all done and will now get your search results on the Google Instant results page.

This should work for Firefox and Internet Explorer as well. The secret is[search] where [search] is the browsers search variable.

Good luck and happy searching

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