Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The best tech podcasts

I don't watch that much television any more, but instead I started watching a lot of video podcast. There is really a lot of good podcasts out there and below I have listed my recommendations. This is what I think you should watch if you like tech stuff:

1. Tekzilla
Tekzilla is all about gadgets, software and what's new and hyped.
2. Diggnation
Two guys sitting in a couch talking about what's hot on (very funny)
3. Cranky Geeks
Talk show about the latest news stories in tech
4. Channel 9
Microsoft's developer channel. A must for Microsoft developers. Many different feeds

Besides watching a lot of video podcasts I also listen to audio podcasts and my favorites in this category are (most in danish):

1. Harddisken
Tech news in danish
2. Mennesker og Medier
Talk show about media-trends, -ethics, -consumption and journalism
3. Rytteriet
Very funny show that does not bring you anything but laughter
4. this WEEK in TECH
Trends in tech
5. TEDTalks
Ideas about everything from some of the most brilliant minds

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