Friday, November 13, 2009

Google Wave Notifications

You might be one of the lucky few that have been granted a Google Wave account. It's a really cool tool, but my problem has been that I kind of forget to check in on my ongoing waves. That means that conversations die out very fast because no one replies. The whole point about the real time web kinda doesn't work when nobody is watching.

That's why I love the plug-in for Firefox that I found on the blog That Smith. This plug-in lets you set up how often it should check for incoming Waves and notifies you if anything is happening. That way you don't need to check in on your waves all the time.

In the future when everybody is waving all the time, this will properly be very annoying, but until then this is a great plug-in.

Get the plugin here


vestermark said...

There is also an extension for Google Chrome (if you're using the developer build):

Soren said...

Super - I do (use the developer build) - thanks